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A Brief History of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

High-pressure, abrasive, water jet cutting was born in the early 70s with the discovery that water can cut through just about anything at pressures of 40,000 to 60,000 psi. An especially useful application in softer materials, this technology was less successful in its early stages cutting through engineered materials like metals and ceramics.

However, with the design of the abrasive jet in the early 80s, using materials such as garnet, water jet technology moved to the next level with an ability to slice through titanium, inconel, glass, and ceramics. By the 90s, with the help of water-cutting pioneers like Dr. John Olsen and Dr. Alex Slocum, abrasive jet cutting was researched and developed as a practical industry especially focusing on developing a unique PC-based control system, with underwater cutting to eliminate noise and dust. This water-cutting system was the first of its kind, designed specifically for short-runs and limited-production machine shops.

Today the Omax 55 100 abrasive water jet machine forms the backbone of So. Cal Water Cuts and this remarkable piece of water-cutting equipment has enabled us to establish an excellent reputation in the water jet cutting industry.