The Benefits of Water Jet Cutting Technology

The benefits that come with using abrasive water jet cutting technology are remarkable. Using the state-of-the-art Omax 55 100, machine, So. Cal Water Cuts offers our customers incredibly precise cutting technology, with benefits including:

Low Cost and Fast Turnaround

No other cutting method has the ability to cut through virtually any material with precision at the speed with which abrasive water jet cutting can accomplish this task. We are able to deliver parts needed by our customers quickly and at very low cost.

Maximum Material Yield – Minimal Waste

The precision of this technology allows us to cut only what’s needed, with minimal material waste, increasing our customer’s profit margins.

Quality Edge Cutting To Specification

The precision of water jet cutting is unmatched for just about any material. The accuracy of this technology enables us to cut exactly what our customers need at incredible speed and affordable prices.

Complex Cuts

Abrasive water jet technology gives us the control to master even the most complex cuts.

No Burn Marks, Hardening, Stress, or Thermal Distortion

As this technology works with water instead of harmful chemicals or heat, materials are not stressed and free of burns, hardening, and any thermal distortion that could occur using other cutting methods.

Tight Tolerance

The water jet has an accuracy within about 0.005, repeatability approximately at 0.002.

Smooth Satin Finish

Delivering a clean cut, edges are even and never jagged, leaving all cuts with a smooth, satin finish.

Environmentally Friendly

Using only water and high pressure, abrasive water jet cutting uses no oils, chemicals, or any materials that is harmful to the environment. This is an affordable, clean technology for all your cutting needs.